Honda Voluntary Recall

| August 6, 2011

If you drive a Honda Accord (model years 2005-2010), a Honda CR-V (model years 2007-2010) or a Honda Element (model years 2005-2008) you should take a look at this news release (release has since been removed from the Honda site).

In essence Honda has issued a recall for the above-mentioned vehicles because of an automatic transmission software problem. The issue is not a life-threatening situation such as the Toyota sticking pedal. It’s more of a preventative recall.

With the current software, the quick transition from reverse to neutral to drive and back again (you know, the type of shifting you do if you’re stuck in mud or stuck in the snow), may lead to bearing damage. The damage may cause the engine to stall or make it difficult to shift the gear into Park.

What to Do Next

Honda is sending out a notice to its customers. They will start sending the notices out on August 31, 2011. However, if you’re the impatient type, visit Honda’s Automobile Recall Information website. Armed with your vehicle identification number you can find up-to-date information on outstanding recalls specific to your vehicle.

Keep in mind that this is a voluntary recall and that many of the vehicles may not actually need the updated software. However, Honda decided to err on the side of safety and issued the recall anyway.

It sounds like folk who enjoy driving off road and/or who live in areas with seasonal snow, are the ones who are most affected.

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