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Parking Ticket

When you sell a car, no matter how old it is, always keep the paperwork involved in the sale. Take it from me, it’s worth keeping the paperwork.  You may think you’ll never need again but keep it anyway. Having proof on hand can save you time and annoyance when you start receiving tickets and [...]


If you wish to work in the insurance industry in the state of Texas you’ll have to obtain the proper licensing. Whether you decide to become a life insurance agent or a property and casualty adjuster, you’ll need a license issued by the Texas Department of Insurance. Fortunately, modern technology makes it easier to go [...]

Mystery Shopper

What would you do if you received a priority mail envelope with a check inside in the amount of $1,968? The check looks authentic as it was issued through J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. It also has the necessary and appropriate watermarks that lead you to believe it is a legitimate check. Why would we suddenly [...]

Credit Cards

When the news reported that Target and Neiman Marcus were hacked earlier this year, I knew I had to come up with an alternative for spending money. Every time we present our credit card we increase the risk of our information being compromised. It’s not a nice way to live. What’s the Alternative? No matter [...]


If you’re looking to become a licensed insurance producer in Arizona, you should first review the Arizona Revised Statutes (“ARS”) § 20–295. The statutes outline reasons for denial, suspension or revocation of insurance licenses. It’s obvious that Arizona takes insurance licensing seriously and pays particular attention to the moral character of the individual/business applying for [...]

Car Insurance

GEICO offers a guaranteed renewal auto policy to qualifying policyholders aged 50 and over. If you match the following criteria, contact GEICO for a guaranteed renewal auto policy:  Must be 50 or older No drivers under 25 to be covered on the policy Clean driving record for the past three years Vehicles are used for [...]


With the added exposure of earthquake coverage, California homeowners have to carefully consider their options when buying homeowners insurance. If you’re a California homeowner, or renter and are looking for homeowners insurance, the first place you should visit is the California Department of Insurance. Their website has pretty much all of the information you need [...]

Fuel Economy Guide

Car buyers have a host of things to consider when it comes to buying a new car. The term ‘new’ car doesn’t necessarily mean brand new, it means acquiring a different car. It could be a brand new car or a pre-owned car. Whichever type of car the consumer is considering in addition to getting [...]


Celebrating Halloween usually includes buying candy, costumes, pumpkins and scary decorations. Whoever thinks about sprucing up the insurance policy for Halloween? Although homeowners insurance is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween, it should be one of the items near the top of the Halloween list. The mere [...]

Purchasing a liability insurance policy does not nullify the need for workers’ compensation. General liability policies provide coverage for claims and lawsuits filed by members of the general public, while workers’ compensation protects the business from claims/lawsuits filed by employees. General Liability Policy General liability policies protect businesses against third-party claims. Liability policies respond to [...]