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Finding Long Term Care in Missouri

When looking for long-term care facility for a loved one in Missouri, there are a few questions you should ask yourself and a few things to be aware of:

What type of long-term care facility do I need?: There are several types of facilities Missouri residents can avail themselves of. Be sure to select one that will meet the needs of your loved one.

  • Residential Care Facility I: This type of facility will provide shelter, board and supervision. They may distribute medication and provide care during short-term illness and recuperation.
  • Residential Care Facility II: Provides all of the care as a level I facility, plus provides dietary supervision and help with personal care.
  • Intermediate Care Facility: Provides personal care, board and basic health and nursing services under the direction of a licensed physician and nurses.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility: Individuals in Skilled Nursing facilities require 24-hour care and specialized services. These services will be performed under the supervision of a registered professional nurse.

Questions to ask before signing on the dotted line:

  • Can it meet the needs of my loved one?
  • Is it currently licensed
  • How much does it cost and will they accept my insurance
  • Are the current residents happy and treated with dignity?
  • Is the facility clean? How does it smell?
  • For more things to be aware of when selecting a long-term care facility, read Patient Care: Is Your Loved One Being Treated Properly?

Resident’s rights: Missouri residents who live in a state licensed long term care facility are guaranteed certain rights under the Missouri Omnibus Nursing Home Act of 1979 and the Federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA) such as:

  • You must be informed of your rights and responsibilities as a resident (oral and written)
  • You must be told of services available and costs
  • You must receive notice before a change in room or roommate
  • You may purchase or rent goods/services not included in the facility rate.

For more information on long term care facilities and your rights, visit the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website.

About the author: Felicia A. Williams is a former insurance broker who is now a freelance writer.

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