Comparing Low Cost Car Insurance Quotes

| August 1, 2007

When comparing low cost car insurance quotes, make sure you’re comparing from the same point of reference. Here are a few things to take into consideration when shopping:

  1. Underwriting information: What underwriting information does the insurance company use. Aside from the obvious information regarding the vehicle and your driving record, do you know if the insurance company will use your credit as a factor in determining your rate?
  1. Compare company financial stability: Compare companies of similar financial rating. You can find a company’s financial stability rating by checking their AM Best or Moody’s rating. These companies rate the financial stability of all insurance companies. Companies with lower ratings tend to offer lower insurance premiums. This may seem like a bargain, but make sure the company is around when you have claim. There is nothing worse than having an automobile claim where you may be potentially on the hook for thousands of dollars only to find out that your insurance company is financially insolvent.
  1. Correct loss information: Ensure that all companies being compared have the same loss information. If necessary request a copy of your loss information to ensure its accuracy. Just like your credit, it is important to be aware of what is being used for rating.
  1. Agent vs. Direct: Going directly to an insurance company and bypassing an insurance agent may help to lower your insurance premium. Traditionally, the insurance agent’s commission is built into your annual premium. By bypassing the agent, you won’t have to pay commissions.
  1. Discounts: How does each insurance company handle discounts? Some companies offer discounts to senior citizens, while others offer discounts to teachers who are members of one of the many national teachers associations. Discounts will save you money. It pays to know how each insurance company views them.

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