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Free Tools for Purchasing Homeowners Insurance in Texas


Texas residents looking for homeowners insurance should wander over to the Texas Department of Insurance website and take advantage of the services offered there.

The Texas Department of Insurance has put together a comprehensive user-friendly primer on Texas homeowners insurance. In addition to informing residents about the types of available homeowner’s insurance policies, there is an easy-to-understand chart that summarizes what homeowners policies do and do not cover.

In addition to the commonly insured perils, Texans are subject to seasonal weather-related conditions such as hail, tornadoes and coastal flooding. To address insuring these naturally occurring perils, the Department of Insurance dedicated a section of the site to insuring wind and hail.

Homeowner Insurance Helpers

The Texas Department of Insurance in conjunction with the Office of Public Insurance Counsel offer car owners, homeowners, condo owners and renters help in understanding and securing insurance. Through HelpInsure.com, Texas residents can complete an insurance profile to get sample rate quotes prior to actually contacting an agent or broker for coverage.

By visiting the website or calling 800-252-3439, residents can gain valuable information to become informed consumers when purchasing insurance coverages.

Affordable Homeowner Insurance Options

On occasion, some residents find it difficult to secure homeowners insurance through companies licensed to do business in the state. Whether it’s because the home is located in a difficult to insure area or the homeowner has been denied coverage due to excessive losses, residents do have alternative options.

Texas Fair Plan Association for Homeowners

For homeowners who have been denied coverage by at least two licensed to practice insurance companies, the Texas fair plan Association offers an alternative for ensuring the home. Although residents must submit applications to the Fair Plan through an authorized agent, homeowners can still visit the Texas Fair Plan.org website for information on how it works and whether or not their home qualifies.

If insurance coverage was denied because of too many losses, the homeowner may request a copy of the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) report on which the decision was based. Federal law gives Texas homeowners the right to challenge any incorrect information included in the report. As such, residents have the option to receive a free copy of the report to dispute and challenge incorrect information.

Anyone looking to purchase insurance in the state of Texas should utilize the many valuable resources the Department of Insurance has to offer.

About the author: Felicia A. Williams is a former insurance broker who is now a freelance writer.

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