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Selling a Used Car in Ontario? Get your UVIP

Ontario Ministry of Transportation

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation offers sound advice and tips for private car sellers. They spell out the car selling process and provide a template of steps and information required for the sale of a used car.

Let’s start with the Used Vehicle Information Packet. This handy little packet provides potential buyers with the basic information required to help make a car buying decision. The Used Vehicle Information Packet (UVIP) contains the following info:

  1. Description of vehicle which includes:
    • VIN (vehicle identification number)
    • Year, make model
    • Plate number
    • Color
    • Body type
    • Number of cylinders
    • Power
    • Brand
    • Status (such as suspended, unfit or wrecked)
  2. Ontario vehicle history
  3. Outstanding liens
  4. Odometer info
  5. Wholesale and retail values
  6. Sales tax requirements
  7. Bill of sale
  8. Tips on vehicle safety standard inspections

This is a pretty comprehensive packet of information. There are some instances where this information is not required, for example when transferring the car to a spouse or child. However, to be absolutely sure of whether or not it is required, contact the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Where to Get the UVIP Packet

The packet is available for sale from any office that issues driver and vehicle licenses or it can be purchased online from Service Ontario . The UVIP must be shown to all prospective buyers and finally given to the party that purchases the used car.

About the author: Felicia A. Williams is a wife, mother, freelance writer and owner of Tidbits About Money.

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