Does Home Insurance Cover a Roof?

| January 3, 2011

Your homeowners insurance policy covers the entire home unless there is a high risk condition that exist whereby the insurance company wishes to exclude coverage for that condition. That is not the norm and generally the homeowner’s insurance policy covers the building and contents.

As long as the roof is properly attached to the home, the homeowner insurance policy will cover it. Keep in mind, however, that insurance companies only pay for damage that was caused as a result of an insured peril.

Homeowner Insurance Perils

There are basically two types of homeowner insurance policies. Each type can come in different flavors but the two types of two types are all risk and named peril.

All Risk: An all risk policy covers just that. The insurance company will pay for anything that occurs to the home or the contents except for perils or conditions that are excluded. Therefore, if your chatty babysitter gets engrossed in a phone conversation while your precocious and inquisitive 9 year old goes upstairs into the attic with his homemade super high-velocity rock thrower science experiment and launches a few high-velocity rocks through the roof, an all risk insurance policy will cover the ensuing roof damage.Insure a Roof

Named Peril: Named peril policies insure only those perils named on the policy. Those perils are usually fire, lightning, internal explosion, extended coverages (extended coverage includes windstorm or hail, explosion, riot, aircraft, vehicles, smoke, volcanic eruption) , vandalism and malicious mischief. In insurance speak the basic perils are often referred to as fire lightening, explosion, EC and V&MM. If you hear your insurance broker use those words, she’s talking about a named peril policy.

With a named peril policy, the precocious little 9 year old’s experiment would not be covered (unless you can convince an insurance claims adjuster that the 9 year old was up to “malicious mischief” but I don’t think it will work).

So, to answer the question, “Does home insurance cover a roof?” The answer is it all depends on the type of policy you have and the cause of the loss.

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