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New York Lemon Laws

NY Lemon Laws

New York state enacted its New Car Lemon Law in 1983 and the following year enacted the Used Car Lemon Law. Ten years later,in 1993, another law was enacted to cover motorized wheelchairs.

New or Used: Selecting the Proper Category

Individuals looking for protection under the New York Lemon Law must first determine which of the following categories the claim best fits. Click on the links below to help decide whether your car fits under the New Car or Used Car section of the Lemon Law.

Do You Have a New York Lemon Law Claim?

After deciding whether to file a new or used car New York Lemon Law claim, as the vehicle owner, you must see if you actually have a claim. Requirements for a claim differ whether its a new or used vehicle, but bottom line one of two things need to occur:

  • Reoccurring problem that has not been fixed by the manufacturer after several attempts (number attempts vary depending whether or not its a new or used vehicle).
  • Number of days (cumulatively) in which the vehicle was out of service as a result of the problem.

File the Paperwork

Initiate the New York Lemon Law process by downloading, completing and submitting the appropariate form (either the New Car Arbitration Form or the Used Car Arbitration form).

Remember, the better you document the process the easier it is to process the claim.

About the author: Felicia A. Williams is a wife, mother, freelance writer and owner of Tidbits About Money.

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