How to Become a Licensed Insurance Agent in Nevada

| December 14, 2012

The Nevada Commissioner of Insurance requires all of its agents to become licensed before engaging in insurance transactions for a commission.

There are several types of insurance licenses (lines of authority) offered by the Nevada Division of Insurance. Nevada offers Life, Health, Life & Health, Property, Casualty, Property & Casualty and an All Lines of Insurance license. After selecting your line of authority, you must take the appropriate classes prior to taking the state exam.

Pre-Licensing Education Requirements

The licensing requirements vary depending on the type of license. If you’re seeking a single line of authority such as a Life, Health, Property or Casualty license, you must take 20 hours of class hours for the line of authority. If you’re going for more than one line of authority, such as Property & Casualty, you have to take 40 hours of pre-licensing education requirements. The maximum is 80 hours of class time if you go for the All Lines of Insurance license.

Nevada Insurance License

You’ll receive a certificate of completion after taking the required number of course hours. Once you receive the certificate of completion, you are eligible to take the state insurance licensing exam.

Scheduling the State Insurance Exam

The Nevada State insurance licensing exams are administered through Pearson Vue. To register for the exam visit their website or call the toll-free number 800-274-2609. While you’re on the Pearson Vue website, download the free Nevada Candidate Handbook and the Content Outlines documents. These two documents provide valuable information in helping you to study and pass the state exam.

If you’re not quite ready to take the state exam, you can take a practice exam on the Pearson Vue website. The exam is not free ($19.95 as of February, 2011). Please check with the website for the most up to date fee schedule.

Nevada Insurance Education and Exam Exemption

If you previously held a license in the same line of authority as the type of license you are seeking in the state of Nevada, you do not have to take the pre-licensing classes nor sit for the state exam if you apply within 90 days of the cancellation of your original license. In addition to the application you must supply a Letter of Clearance (downloadable document) as documentation of the license cancellation date.

Insurance Application and Background Check

Once you pass the state exam you must complete and submit the Individual Licensing Application and send it along with two fingerprint cards to the Division of Insurance. Nevada performs a criminal background check on each candidate before issuing a producer’s license.

If all is found to be in order, the state will issue the insurance license. The license is valid for three years. Within that time you must take 30 hours of continuing education classes in order to renew your license upon expiration.

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