How to Find NY Insurance Continuing Education Classes

| December 29, 2012

Obtaining a New York insurance producers license is a major accomplishment. In order to maintain it, you must take continuing education courses.

The state of New York requires all of its licensed insurance producers to take at least 15 continuing education credits within the two-year period of licensure. If you don’t take the required continuing education courses, you will not be able to renew your New York insurance license.

Fortunately, the state of New York offers a wide range of continuing education course options and education providers. Insurance agents and brokers can opt to satisfy the education requirement in a traditional classroom/lecture environment or on the more convenient self-study/internet option.

Finding Insurance Continuing Education Providers

To locate available insurance continuing education classes, visit the New York State Department of Insurance website. Once on the website navigate to the Continuing Education Course Search page. For security purposes, the Department of Insurance recommends that you use the Internet Explorer web browser version 6.x or better. Although they recommend Internet Explorer, up-to-date web browsers such as Firefox version 3.6.x work just fine.

After confirming browser compatibility, you can begin your course search. Decide the whether you want to take traditional or online continuing education credits.

Traditional Classroom Education Environment

Insurance continuing education

If you choose to take continuing education classes in a traditional environment, you must provide the date range for when you are available to take the courses, the preferred New York County (i.e., Westchester, Bronx, Dutchess, etc), the number of credits and subject area. If you wish to take the classes from a particular insurance education provider, you may select the name from the provider drop-down list. This is not a mandatory field.

After submitting the search criteria, the Department of Insurance database will display the following information:

  • Type of License;
  • Course Title;
  • Education Provider;
  • State/County;
  • Start Date;
  • Number of Credits; and
  • Whether the class is a designation course or not.

Once you have determined which course to take, click the additional details button and click “Submit.” After clicking “Submit,” you’ll see pertinent registration information such as name, address, phone number and contact information for the education provider so that you may register for the class.

Self-study/Internet Continuing Education Classes

If you prefer to take New York insurance continuing education classes online or in a self-study environment, click on the self-study option and “Submit.” On the self-study search page, you must select the credit range, and subject areas. You must also select an education provider name.

The NY Department of Insurance provides a rather lengthy list of self-study education providers. Scroll through the list to find the one that you wish to take the classes from. Since it’s a self-study and Internet class and the state of the New York State must pre-approve all of its education providers, you can rest assured that you will find a quality continuing education experience.

After clicking “Submit” you can review the courses provided by the database. Click on the detail/contact information for the class you wish to take to get the necessary contact information required for registration.

NY Continuing Education Documentation

You are responsible for keeping track of your continuing education courses and credits. If you misplace or do not have a record of taking continuing education classes, you may be required to take the class again in order to provide the necessary documentation to the state.

For more information regarding continuing education requirements for the state of New York, visit the Information for Agents and Brokers page on the Department of Insurance website.

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