How to Locate Delaware Insurance Continuing Education Classes

| January 6, 2013

In order to maintain a Delaware Insurance broker’s license, each insurance producer must take continuing education classes through a state approved provider.

The state of Delaware does not have a pre-licensing education requirement for obtaining the insurance license. Therefore, for some insurance professionals, the continuing education environment may be the first time for taking formal insurance licensing education classes.

Whether it is your first exposure to formal insurance classroom education or not, you should become familiar with the state requirements and where to find state approved continuing education providers.

Resident Insurance Producer Education Requirement

As a Delaware resident insurance producer, you must take 24 hours continuing education classes of which 3 must be in the subject of ethics. Long Term care producers must include 3 hours of long term care insurance including laws, rules and regulation and product knowledge. Flood insurance producers are required to take 21 continuing education hours of which 2 must consist of flood and National Flood Insurance Program classes.

According to the Delaware Insurance Commissioner and Department of Insurance website, each resident producer has two years and must satisfy the education requirements by the last day of February of even numbered years. The continuing education requirement does not apply to individuals holding a non-resident insurance license.

Carrying Over Insurance Credits

You may carry over a maximum of 5 continuing education credits from one licensing period to another. The only caveat to that is you may not carry over credits obtained from taking an ethics class. Ethics classes must be taken within each insurance licensing period.Delaware

Finding Approved Delaware Continuing Ed Course Providers

Delaware Insurance Department provides an online database where producers can locate and select a continuing education course provider. Visit the Continuing Education Provider Lookup on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) site and enter your search criteria. The database works best with the Internet Explorer browser 5.0 or better. Using a different browser may give you results that are extremely difficult to read.

After entering the search criteria which includes search by course category, course name, national designation, provider name or ID and/or course method (none of the search criteria fields are mandatory), click “Search” to see a complete listing of available courses/education providers. The database will display the name, course groups, address and phone number of the approved provider. Additionally, there is a hyper link to all of the available insurance courses given by each provider.

By clicking on the hyper link you’ll see the course name, course group, credit hours method (whether classroom or online) and number of credits the class satisfies. At the top of the list you’re given the necessary information to contact the school and register for the insurance course.

Maintaining Records for Insurance Classes

The education providers must give you a Certificate of Completion for each successfully completed class. The Delaware Department of Insurance requires its education providers to keep the Certificate of Completion records on file for a period of 3 years after course completion.

Although the school has a record that you have successfully completed the required insurance course, it is recommended that you maintain your own file of classes completed. Whether you scan the documents and keep them electronically on your computer or use the traditional file folder and filing cabinet system, the document will come in handy in the event there is a mix-up.

As any insurance professional worth her salt knows, part of being a good insurance producer is minimizing potential risk. Maintaining accurate continuing education records minimizes the risk of having to take a class over in the event of an administrative error.

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