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How to Locate Insurance Continuing Education Classes in Georgia


In order to maintain an insurance broker’s license in the state of Georgia, all candidates must take a preset number of continuing education course hours.

The number of hours required depends on the number of years the broker has been licensed. For example, resident insurance producers who have held licenses for over 20 years must complete 10 continuing education course hours. Brokers with less than 20 years of experience must complete 15 CE hours.

The reduction in continuing education hours is not an automatic reduction. Brokers must complete and submit the Request for Continuing Education Reduction form (this is a .pdf form) to the state before taking the reduced number of hours.

State Approved Education Providers

Georgia brokers must take the continuing education classes through state-approved providers. To find a list of such providers visit the Sircon website and select the appropriate state. After selecting Georgia, the Sircon website will display a state-related insurance information page. In addition to continuing education information, the page displays information on how to apply for a license, renewal a license, request a letter of certification and more.

To find out about continuing education providers click on the link entitled “lookup education courses/credits” to see the various search options.

Georgia Approved Continuing Education Courses

There are various ways in which to search for the approved courses. The most efficient option is to choose the “Approved Courses Inquiry” link. By doing so insurance producers must once again select the state of Georgia and click “Submit” to get to the meat of the continuing education search criteria.

Georgia agents have options on how to complete the continuing education credits. The options are self-study, online classes through the Internet, traditional in classroom setting or national course setting. After selecting the instruction method brokers must select a category. Categories (which are insurance lines of authority) range from accident and sickness through to property and casualty.

Insurance Continuing EducationAfter submitting the search criteria the Sircon website displays a rather extensive listing of education providers, course names, number of credits, insurance category, presentation method and renewal date. After making the course selection, click on the name of the education provider link to find the phone number, address and listing of all available courses. Sircon provides all of the necessary information to register for the continuing education class.

Alternative CE Search Options

The Sircon website offers several search options for finding continuing education classes. Be advised, however, the “Approved Providers Inquiry” search option does not limit the listing of education providers to the state of Georgia exclusively. The list may display providers that are not located in the state of Georgia.

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