Infiniti G37: Goodbye to a Solid Car

It’s weird that I’m singing the praises of a vehicle that was just totaled in a car accident. Our Infiniti G37 was rear-ended by a truck and was deemed unfixable by the insurance company. It was still drivable in a kicked in rear sort of way. Because the frame was bent, the car was classified as a total loss.

The one comment we constantly hear when we talk to auto dealers, insurance people, friends and family is, “The car did what it was supposed to do.”

How the Accident Occurred

During the usual early morning commute to work, traffic was bumper to bumper. The pull up and sit type of traffic. Unfortunately, the individual driving the truck was preoccupied. He swears he wasn’t on his cell phone, but that’s something that only he and God know for sure.

Anyway, he said, “My passenger side visor wouldn’t stay up so I was fixing it. I accelerated because I thought traffic was moving.” This person had allowed ample space to develop between his truck and the Infiniti. So, he accelerated while still playing around with the visor.

When he finally looked up at the road in front of him, he realized traffic hadn’t started moving, but he was going way too fast for the small distance in front of him. He tried to stop his car but couldn’t. Instead, he rammed the Infiniti, full speed ahead.

Avoiding Damage

In an attempt to avoid being slammed in the rear, we pulled our car to the left. We were in the left lane so that meant we would have to drive on grass to get out the truck’s way. The truck driver had the same thought so he veered to the left and slammed the Infiniti pushing it into the ditch. Fortunately, there were no severe injuries, just a few tight muscles, and an extremely accelerated heart rate.

The truck drove off and the Infiniti G37 was towed away. The fact that we were able to walk away from the accident and not be driven away in an ambulance is a testament to the quality engineering of the Infiniti.

What type of car do we get next? Either the exact same make and model of truck that slammed us or another Infiniti.

About the author: Felicia A. Williams is a former insurance broker who is now a freelance writer.

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