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Felicia A. Williams

A pension bond is a type of surety bond that protects the assets of an employee pension plan from embezzlement, mismanagement or other action by the plan manager that causes financial loss to the pension. Fiduciary liability protects the personal and corporate assets of the plan manager in the event of wrongful acts or breach [...]

Business Building

Liability coverage protects a business in the event a third party gets injured and files a claim against the business. Fidelity coverage, also known as employee dishonesty coverage, reimburses the business owner and not a third party. Both coverages protect the business entity, but they each pertain to a different aspect of the business. Public [...]

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) and an umbrella policy both offer protection to the small business owner. One offers protection for the members of the LLC while the other protects the business entity. The protections afforded by both compliment each other. What is an LLC? There are four types of business entities, sole proprietor, partnership, [...]

As a result of the advanced technology, most insurance companies communicate with their policyholders online. It is now possible to add/delete coverage or file a claim online by visiting the insurance company’s website and choosing the appropriate selection. There are times, however, when the online selections won’t truly address the insurance matter at hand. When [...]


If at any time in your life you called taxes your home state, you should do yourself a favor and visit the Texas unclaimed property website. The actual name of the website is Window on State Government. The reason you should take a look at this website is because you might discover that you have [...]

Connecticut Unclaimed Funds

If you lived in the state of Connecticut for any period of time, there is a chance you have funds sitting with the Connecticut State Treasurer waiting for you to claim them. Where do Unclaimed Funds Come From? That’s a good question. Funds could come from forgotten bank accounts, escrow interest on sold property, long [...]

New York

Applications for Family Health Plus will not be accepted after December 31, 2013, because of changes under the Affordable Care Act. Starting January 1, 2014, individuals should apply for health insurance coverage through the Marketplace; https://nystateofhealth.ny.gov/ The Family Health Plus Insurance program is limited to adults between the ages of 19 and 64. Coverage is [...]

New Jersey

Candidates for New Jersey insurance producers license must follow the state provided procedure. Insurance producer is used interchangeably with agent/broker Without a New Jersey producer’s license, individuals cannot conduct insurance transactions on behalf of an insurance company or represent an insured. Types of New Jersey Insurance Licenses Before venturing any further, applicants should decide what [...]

Where does an extreme sports participant go to find life insurance? The riskier the extreme sport, the more difficult it is to find affordable life insurance. Individuals who engage in adrenaline rushing sports such as hang gliding, extreme cycling, mountain climbing and the like have a tougher time securing life insurance than their sedentary counterpart. [...]


Texas residents looking to buy automobile insurance should first pay a visit to the Texas Department of insurance before contacting an auto insurance agent. Drivers can get a ballpark estimate of how much insurance would cost to insure their cars. All the driver has to do is complete a driver profile. In essence, the driver [...]