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Felicia A. Williams

Where does an extreme sports participant go to find life insurance? The riskier the extreme sport, the more difficult it is to find affordable life insurance. Individuals who engage in adrenaline rushing sports such as hang gliding, extreme cycling, mountain climbing and the like have a tougher time securing life insurance than their sedentary counterpart. [...]


Texas residents looking to buy automobile insurance should first pay a visit to the Texas Department of insurance before contacting an auto insurance agent. Drivers can get a ballpark estimate of how much insurance would cost to insure their cars. All the driver has to do is complete a driver profile. In essence, the driver [...]

Flexible Spending Account

Employees who are covered under an employer-sponsored health insurance plan can supplement their health coverage through a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Employer-sponsored Flexible Spending Accounts must comply with IRS rules and regulations. FSAs offer employees the ability to pre-fund anticipated medical expenses that are not otherwise covered under the health insurance plan. Flexible Spending Accounts [...]


The primary care physician is not always the first stop when it comes to feeling better. Many patients prefer to seek the alternative care of a chiropractor. While not all ailments are solved through chiropractic adjustments, policyholders like having the option of deciding which type of care to choose. The good thing is that health [...]


Insurance professionals in the state of Missouri must obtain a producer’s license before they can buy or sell insurance on behalf of a company or insured. The Missouri Department of Insurance Financial Institutions and Professional Registration offers several types of insurance licenses for Missouri agents/brokers/producers. Before seeking a license determine which line of authority (or [...]

Power of Attorney

If you wish to dispute an IRS ruling or a tax liability, but prefer to appoint someone who is better able to champion your cause, you need to complete and file Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative. With this form you can name an individual or corporation to represent you in your [...]

Anyone considering a career as a commercial insurance broker might want to understand some of the day-to-day broker responsibilities before making a decision. Below is a description of the typical duties of an insurance broker when it comes to renewing a commercial property policy. Starting the Renewal Process Approximately 120 days before the policy renewal [...]

Certificate of Insurance

With all of the papers and documents issued in the insurance industry, it is easy for the average person to get certain terms confused. Two such terms frequently confused are certificate holder and policyholder. After all, certificates list insurance coverages along with limits and so do policies; how much of a difference could there be? [...]

Workers Compensation is a mandatory coverage and there’s no way a legitimate business can get around purchasing a policy. Since the coverage is mandatory, business owners should monitor their exposures to ensure they are not paying more for their Workers Compensation policy than is necessary. One way to save on Workers Comp premiums is to [...]


In order to maintain an insurance broker’s license in the state of Georgia, all candidates must take a preset number of continuing education course hours. The number of hours required depends on the number of years the broker has been licensed. For example, resident insurance producers who have held licenses for over 20 years must [...]