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Parking Ticket

When you sell a car, no matter how old it is, always keep the paperwork involved in the sale. Take it from me, it’s worth keeping the paperwork.  You may think you’ll never need again but keep it anyway. Having proof on hand can save you time and annoyance when you start receiving tickets and [...]

Fuel Economy Guide

Car buyers have a host of things to consider when it comes to buying a new car. The term ‘new’ car doesn’t necessarily mean brand new, it means acquiring a different car. It could be a brand new car or a pre-owned car. Whichever type of car the consumer is considering in addition to getting [...]

Auto Repair

If you are an automobile owner, it’s up to you to determine how manufacturers should handle certain automotive defects and vehicle part malfunctions. The news media does a great job of publicizing the list of latest defects plaguing some of the car manufacturers. This is a step in the right direction, but it’s a broad [...]


In a perfect world, all automobile extended warranty companies would honor their contracts without hesitation. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and some warranty companies take advantage of their customers. If you are in the less than desirable position of having to fight with the company holding your extended warranty, here are a few things [...]

Limited Warranty

Car buyers looking to defray the cost of expensive car repair bills often consider purchasing an extended auto warranty contract from an auto warranty company. Under the right circumstances the extended auto warranty can be a cost saver by covering the price of expensive repairs while the car owner only has to cover the cost [...]

NY Traffic

As of November 18, 2004, New York State’s Vehicle and Traffic law instituted a penalty system that deters drivers from repeating unwanted motor vehicle behavior. The Driver Responsibility Program of the New York State’s Vehicle Traffic law applies to anyone operating a motor vehicle, boat or snowmobile in the state of New York, regardless of [...]


If you drive a 2012 Honda Accord, you might want to get your vehicle checked. Effective 1/31/12, Honda issued a recall for certain 2012 Accords and Crosstour vehicles. Reason for the Honda Recall There appears to be a problem with either the driver or passenger side airbags. These are the airbags that come from the [...]

NY Lemon Laws

New York’s Lemon Law does not apply to new vehicles only. The Used Car Lemon Law passed in 1984 extended protection to consumers that have bought used or pre-owned vehicles. Before submitting a claim, make sure that your vehicle falls within the used car category. New York Lemon Law Criteria Not all pre-owned vehicles qualify [...]

NY Lemon Laws

Below are the criteria and process for new car owners to file a claim under New York’s New Car Lemon Law protection. Before filing a claim, check to see if the car fits all four of the following conditions: The vehicle is not used commercially. It auto must be operated primarily for personal use. The [...]

New York Lemon Laws

NY Lemon Laws

New York state enacted its New Car Lemon Law in 1983 and the following year enacted the Used Car Lemon Law. Ten years later,in 1993, another law was enacted to cover motorized wheelchairs. New or Used: Selecting the Proper Category Individuals looking for protection under the New York Lemon Law must first determine which of [...]