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Auto Repair

If you are an automobile owner, it’s up to you to determine how manufacturers should handle certain automotive defects and vehicle part malfunctions. The news media does a great job of publicizing the list of latest defects plaguing some of the car manufacturers. This is a step in the right direction, but it’s a broad [...]


If you drive a 2012 Honda Accord, you might want to get your vehicle checked. Effective 1/31/12, Honda issued a recall for certain 2012 Accords and Crosstour vehicles. Reason for the Honda Recall There appears to be a problem with either the driver or passenger side airbags. These are the airbags that come from the [...]


If you drive a Honda Accord (model years 2005-2010), a Honda CR-V (model years 2007-2010) or a Honda Element (model years 2005-2008) you should take a look at this news release (release has since been removed from the Honda site). In essence Honda has issued a recall for the above-mentioned vehicles because of an automatic [...]

Ford Windstar 2003

Effective January 26, 2011, Ford issued a recall to replace the defective subframe on Windstar mini vans. If you own a Ford Windstar manufactured between the years of 1999 and 2003, there is a chance that your vehicle’s sub frame is defective. For more information on the subframe problem, read the earlier article Ford Windstar [...]

Jeep Liberty Recalls


If you own a Jeep liberty, I suggest that you go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website to search their database for the latest safety defects and recalls. I happened to be on the site because I was checking the latest investigation on another potential recall and found out that the 2003 [...]

2003 Ford Windstar

Older model Ford Windstars (model years 1999 to 2003) are the subject of much safety concern. In addition to the recent rear axel recall, there is an investigation underway regarding the front sub frame. Failure of the front sub frame is just as dangerous a condition as the recalled rusting rear axel. File a Claim [...]

Ford Windstar 2003

If you’re one of the Ford Windstar car owners affected by the deterioration of the subframe, think twice before spending in excess of $1,000 for a brand new one. In case you haven’t heard, there appears to be a growing problem with the Ford Windstar model years 1999 through 2003 with rusting subframes. This problem [...]

Ford Windstar

If you’re driving around in a Ford Windstar with a model year that falls between 1999 through 2003, there is a chance that you’re affected a safety issue that is a potential recall. It’s a potential recall because it’s currently in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation stages. It may prove to be [...]

Ford Windstar

Owners of high-mileage Ford Windstars that are operated in the “Salt-Belt” may find themselves facing a rather expensive repair. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has been receiving an increasing number of complaints regarding the popular minivan. It appears that high-mileage Windstars model years 1999 through 2003 show a high rate of subframe corrosion. [...]

Honda Used Car Recall


While Toyota is working on its issues with sticky accelerator pedals and floor mat entrapment, Honda has its own headaches. They have recently announced that they will recall an additional 379,758 US vehicles to fix the driver side airbag. Apparently there is a problem with the airbag inflator which may cause it to deploy using [...]