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Work from Home

Home Office

Operating a home-based business can be more exhausting than commuting to a job. Using a few of the readily available tools and services will increase productivity. Home-based Business Running a home-based business has its advantages and its drawbacks. It’s something akin to parenting. It’s fulfilling and rewarding, but also very difficult to take time off. [...]

Virtual Employment

With so many people currently unemployed, the chances of finding a traditional job to replace an old job seems to get slimmer and slimmer. If finding a 9-5 job seems impossible, consider working a virtual job. With massive layoffs, companies going out of business and the shrinking economy, virtual jobs seems to be a cost-effective [...]

Freelance Writing

Here’s a tidbit of information for freelance writers and small business owners. This information isn’t so much a tip on how to increase your writing speed or how to find new clients. It more has to do with the accounting end of the freelance writing business. Most freelance writers are in the writing business to [...]


There is an ongoing debate in freelance writing world regarding how low is too low when it comes to the rate of pay for freelance writing work. Some seasoned writers who have earned a substantial living freelancing are faulting new writers for the inability to find an acceptable rate of pay for their craft. It [...]