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Car Insurance

GEICO offers a guaranteed renewal auto policy to qualifying policyholders aged 50 and over. If you match the following criteria, contact GEICO for a guaranteed renewal auto policy:  Must be 50 or older No drivers under 25 to be covered on the policy Clean driving record for the past three years Vehicles are used for [...]


Texas residents looking to buy automobile insurance should first pay a visit to the Texas Department of insurance before contacting an auto insurance agent. Drivers can get a ballpark estimate of how much insurance would cost to insure their cars. All the driver has to do is complete a driver profile. In essence, the driver [...]

Shopping for business automobile insurance can be a painless process if you have the right underwriting information.If your business owns vehicles that are registered in the business name, then you will have to purchase a business automobile insurance policy. Whether you’re a new business looking for your first business automobile insurance quote, or an established [...]

Classic Car

There is nothing more exciting for a car collector than cruising down the road in a well-maintained, shiny classic car. Even non-car enthusiasts appreciate and marvel at classic cars. However, before you place your pride and joy on the road, you must protect your investment by purchasing classic car insurance. Unlike your everyday automobile insurance, [...]

Infinity G37

The property section of an automobile policy is called the physical damage section. This is the part of the policy that covers you, the car owner in the event of a loss. Automobile physical damage coverage comes in two flavors; comprehensive and collision. Automobile Collision Coverage A collision loss occurs when your vehicle collides hits [...]

Think of an automobile insurance binder as a contractual placeholder. It is a contract that holds the place of your insurance coverage until your actual policy is issued. It’s your physical evidence that coverage is in effect. Auto insurance binders hold the same amount of weight as your automobile insurance policy does. Why an Auto [...]

Car Rental Companies

Often times drivers will decline or accept insurance coverages offered by car rental companies without fully understanding the consequences. Before walking into the car rental facility there are a few things you should know to help you to make wise insurance choices when renting a car. Business or Pleasure The supplementary insurance coverages available at [...]

Car Insurance

If you find that you’re either totally disgusted with your current insurance auto insurance company or that you’ve found a great deal with another company, it is possible to switch your coverage midterms. You don’t have to wait for the policy renewal to transfer your auto insurance from one company to another. Keep in mind [...]

Pre-Owned Car

Auto insurance shoppers are looking to get the most for their premium dollar. The current economy has heightened the need to review prices and select the best quote. More than looking to see which policy offers the cheapest premium, astute car insurance buyers must look at several factors when comparing auto insurance quotes. While price [...]


California residents with less than perfect driving records who are shopping for auto insurance should take a look at coverages offered through Survival Insurance Brokerage. Survival Insurance Brokers not only provide auto insurance, but they offer health, homeowners and life insurance options too. However, according to their website, it appears that auto, motorcycle, RV and [...]