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With the added exposure of earthquake coverage, California homeowners have to carefully consider their options when buying homeowners insurance. If you’re a California homeowner, or renter and are looking for homeowners insurance, the first place you should visit is the California Department of Insurance. Their website has pretty much all of the information you need [...]


Celebrating Halloween usually includes buying candy, costumes, pumpkins and scary decorations. Whoever thinks about sprucing up the insurance policy for Halloween? Although homeowners insurance is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween, it should be one of the items near the top of the Halloween list. The mere [...]


Texas residents have special weather conditions to keep in mind when soliciting quotes for homeowners insurance. Before we discuss the tips on how to save money and get the best rate, lets first address a couple of the special coverages Texas homeowners may need: Flood Insurance: The state of Texas is near the top of [...]

Here are a few tips New York homeowners should keep in mind when looking to insure their home. These tips apply whether you live in upstate New York or downstate in New York City. Keep up with your coinsurance: Coinsurance, commonly written for 80%, means that your policy limit must equal at least 80% of [...]

Not every loss is covered under an insurance policy. What do you do after a major disaster when your insurance policy does not respond? This article was originally written after a storm slammed the North Eastern United States in 2007. The then president, President George W. Bush issued a Major Disaster Declaration for the states [...]

Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers the entire home unless there is a high-risk condition that exists whereby the insurance company wishes to exclude coverage for that condition. That is not the norm and generally, the homeowner’s insurance policy covers the building and contents. As long as the roof is properly attached to the home, the [...]


Texans are faced with a few challenges when it comes to getting homeowners insurance. In spite of the weather, there are things you can do to get better insurance rates Texas residents have special weather conditions to keep in mind when soliciting quotes for homeowners insurance. Before we discuss the tips on how to save [...]

Coinsurance is not something new in the insurance industry. It is, however, something that some policyholders seem to have a difficult time understanding. Many individuals not familiar with insurance think of the coinsurance clause as a penalty clause. Actually, the coinsurance section of a policy can be looked at as a double-edged sword. Benefit of [...]

Congratulations you’re newly engaged and sporting a beautiful engagement ring. Now the next step is to insure your valuable jewelry. When it comes to insuring your engagement ring there is one thing you must have before you approach any insurance company. You need to have an appraisal. Make sure the appraisal is from an independent [...]


When purchasing homeowners insurance in Florida, there are a few coverages related to hurricane exposures buyers should become familiar with. If you’re looking to purchase homeowners insurance you’ll soon realize that each state has its own requirements and locality quirks. For instance, because of the exposure, earthquake coverage is handled differently in California than it [...]