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If you wish to work in the insurance industry in the state of Texas you’ll have to obtain the proper licensing. Whether you decide to become a life insurance agent or a property and casualty adjuster, you’ll need a license issued by the Texas Department of Insurance. Fortunately, modern technology makes it easier to go [...]


If you’re looking to become a licensed insurance producer in Arizona, you should first review the Arizona Revised Statutes (“ARS”) § 20–295. The statutes outline reasons for denial, suspension or revocation of insurance licenses. It’s obvious that Arizona takes insurance licensing seriously and pays particular attention to the moral character of the individual/business applying for [...]

New Jersey

Candidates for New Jersey insurance producers license must follow the state provided procedure. Insurance producer is used interchangeably with agent/broker Without a New Jersey producer’s license, individuals cannot conduct insurance transactions on behalf of an insurance company or represent an insured. Types of New Jersey Insurance Licenses Before venturing any further, applicants should decide what [...]


Insurance professionals in the state of Missouri must obtain a producer’s license before they can buy or sell insurance on behalf of a company or insured. The Missouri Department of Insurance Financial Institutions and Professional Registration offers several types of insurance licenses for Missouri agents/brokers/producers. Before seeking a license determine which line of authority (or [...]

Anyone considering a career as a commercial insurance broker might want to understand some of the day-to-day broker responsibilities before making a decision. Below is a description of the typical duties of an insurance broker when it comes to renewing a commercial property policy. Starting the Renewal Process Approximately 120 days before the policy renewal [...]


In order to maintain an insurance broker’s license in the state of Georgia, all candidates must take a preset number of continuing education course hours. The number of hours required depends on the number of years the broker has been licensed. For example, resident insurance producers who have held licenses for over 20 years must [...]


Life, accident & sickness is one of the available types of Georgia insurance broker licenses. Once licensed, agents may receive commissions on policy sales. Before achieving the designation as a licensed life, accident and sickness insurance broker, candidates have to comply with the state requirements and pass the appropriate licensing exam. Georgia Licensing Education Requirements [...]


In order to maintain a Delaware Insurance broker’s license, each insurance producer must take continuing education classes through a state-approved provider. The state of Delaware does not have a pre-licensing education requirement for obtaining the insurance license. Therefore, for some insurance professionals, the continuing education environment may be the first time for taking formal insurance [...]

New York

Obtaining a New York insurance producers license is a major accomplishment. In order to maintain it, you must take continuing education courses. The state of New York requires all of its licensed insurance producers to take at least 15 continuing education credits within the two-year period of licensure. If you don’t take the required continuing [...]

New York

To become a licensed insurance broker or agent in the state of New York, applicants must be at least 18 years old, reside in the state and be a US citizen. Before making a decision to become licensed in New York, candidates should become familiar with the types of licenses New York has to offer. [...]