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Individuals who wish to earn commissions by selling insurance in the sate of Illinois must obtain an insurance producer or broker’s license. The Illinois Department of Insurance requires all of its insurance brokers, agents, and producers to gain the necessary education and pass the state licensing exam in order to obtain a license. The number [...]


The Texas Department of Insurance requires its insurance professionals to obtain a broker’s license in order to conduct business in the state. If you wish to represent policyholders or insurance companies as you transact business as an insurance professional, you will have to get a broker’s license. With a combination of using online technology and [...]

New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has made it much easier to obtain an insurance agent’s license online. Getting an agent’s license online is not only quicker and more convenient, it streamlines the application process. Applying for an insurance license online eliminates the need to mail forms and applications via certified mail just to have a [...]

Agent vs Broker

“As a business owner, should I use a broker or an agent?” The answer to that questions largely depends on you. The line that separates the difference between an agent and broker is a blurred one. Both an agent and a broker have the ability to solicit insurance quotes that will adequately protect your business, [...]


Getting a great auto insurance rate in Arizona is not hard to do if you do a little planning, a little research and know what the insurance companies are looking for. There are ways to get competitive rates on Arizona automobile insurance. It takes a little ingenuity, knowledge and planning. Before soliciting automobile insurance, however, [...]