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Life insurance professionals in California are not able to buy, sell or receive commissions on insurance policies until they have passed the state exam. The Department of Insurance has outlined the requirements necessary to become a licensed life insurance agent in California. After taking the necessary pre-licensing training courses, candidates have the knowledge necessary to [...]


Life, accident & sickness is one of the available types of Georgia insurance broker licenses. Once licensed, agents may receive commissions on policy sales. Before achieving the designation as a licensed life, accident and sickness insurance broker, candidates have to comply with the state requirements and pass the appropriate licensing exam. Georgia Licensing Education Requirements [...]


In order to maintain a Delaware Insurance broker’s license, each insurance producer must take continuing education classes through a state-approved provider. The state of Delaware does not have a pre-licensing education requirement for obtaining the insurance license. Therefore, for some insurance professionals, the continuing education environment may be the first time for taking formal insurance [...]

Insurance is more than making a sale and binding coverage. Once a sale is confirmed, it becomes all about keeping the client happy. Unhappy clients don’t stick around. In today’s insurance climate when brokers and agents are working diligently to find new business, client retention is extremely important. The amount of time, effort and money [...]


Texas residents have special weather conditions to keep in mind when soliciting quotes for homeowners insurance. Before we discuss the tips on how to save money and get the best rate, lets first address a couple of the special coverages Texas homeowners may need: Flood Insurance: The state of Texas is near the top of [...]

New York

Obtaining a New York insurance producers license is a major accomplishment. In order to maintain it, you must take continuing education courses. The state of New York requires all of its licensed insurance producers to take at least 15 continuing education credits within the two-year period of licensure. If you don’t take the required continuing [...]

New York

To become a licensed insurance broker or agent in the state of New York, applicants must be at least 18 years old, reside in the state and be a US citizen. Before making a decision to become licensed in New York, candidates should become familiar with the types of licenses New York has to offer. [...]

Understanding which insurance coverages are mandatory from those that are not will help new small business owners determine the right types of insurance to buy. As an entrepreneur and small business owner you have many decisions to make to ensure the proper running of your business. If you’re just starting your business, there is yet [...]


After passing the Alabama state insurance licensing exam, insurance producers must take CE classes to stay on top of the latest insurance developments. Insurance producers in Alabama are required to take 24 hours of continuing education credits given by a state-approved education provider. Of the 24 hours, 3 of the hours must be in the [...]


If you live in the state of Virginia you must obtain an insurance producer’s license before conducting insurance transactions for profit. The Virginia Bureau of Insurance offers 5 different types of insurance producer’s licenses. The insurance licenses are as follows: Life and Annuities Health Property and Casualty Personal Lines Title In addition to the five [...]