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Certificate of Insurance

The insurance industry has several ways of providing evidence of insurance. With automobile insurance for example, the Department of Motor Vehicles accepts automobile ID cards as proof of insurance when registering a vehicle. Mortgage companies and banks often only accept insurance binders. Businesses and contractors are usually issued certificates of insurance as proof of coverage. [...]

Infinity G37

The property section of an automobile policy is called the physical damage section. This is the part of the policy that covers you, the car owner in the event of a loss. Automobile physical damage coverage comes in two flavors; comprehensive and collision. Automobile Collision Coverage A collision loss occurs when your vehicle collides hits [...]

Children and Life Insurance

The last thing any parent wants to think of is something happening to their child. However, with child life insurance it’s better to have and not need than need and not have. When shopping around for the best possible quotes for life insurance, most people don’t consider a life insurance policy for their children. After [...]

Here are a few tips New York homeowners should keep in mind when looking to insure their home. These tips apply whether you live in upstate New York or downstate in New York City. Keep up with your coinsurance: Coinsurance, commonly written for 80%, means that your policy limit must equal at least 80% of [...]

Not every loss is covered under an insurance policy. What do you do after a major disaster when your insurance policy does not respond? This article was originally written after a storm slammed the North Eastern United States in 2007. The then president, President George W. Bush issued a Major Disaster Declaration for the states [...]

In addition to having adequate amounts of insurance, you must check that your policy contains the right valuation clause for the items insured. Finding out at the time of a loss that your policy contains the incorrect valuation can prove to be a very costly setback for any policyholder. To prevent such an event, make [...]

Having health insurance does not always mean that 100% of every procedure is covered. Sometimes policyholders are stuck paying for a large portion of the claim. The financial concern causes some people to put off much needed procedures because the health insurance company will only cover a portion of the expense. The uncovered portion, whether [...]

Maine Insurance Producer

The Maine Bureau of Insurance requires its insurance professionals to pass the state licensing exam in order to transact insurance business for a fee. Insurance professionals in Maine have an option of three different categories of insurance licenses; a producer license, consultant license and an adjuster’s license (there are subcategories therein). Maine Insurance Pre-Licensing Education [...]

Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers the entire home unless there is a high-risk condition that exists whereby the insurance company wishes to exclude coverage for that condition. That is not the norm and generally, the homeowner’s insurance policy covers the building and contents. As long as the roof is properly attached to the home, the [...]

Think of an automobile insurance binder as a contractual placeholder. It is a contract that holds the place of your insurance coverage until your actual policy is issued. It’s your physical evidence that coverage is in effect. Auto insurance binders hold the same amount of weight as your automobile insurance policy does. Why an Auto [...]