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If you’re new to the world of insurance you may hear the term first party, second party and third party. When you think of insurance, the last thing you think of is a party. After all, insurance means serious business, right? In true insurance style, a party is not the festive occasion that the word [...]


Texans are faced with a few challenges when it comes to getting homeowners insurance. In spite of the weather, there are things you can do to get better insurance rates Texas residents have special weather conditions to keep in mind when soliciting quotes for homeowners insurance. Before we discuss the tips on how to save [...]

Certificate of Insurance

Sometimes insurance terms are compared to each other when they should not be. The question came up as to what were the differences between an additional insured and evidence of insurance. Let’s see if we can explain the differences here. Additional Insured An additional insured is a person or entity that has an interest in [...]

Coinsurance is not something new in the insurance industry. It is, however, something that some policyholders seem to have a difficult time understanding. Many individuals not familiar with insurance think of the coinsurance clause as a penalty clause. Actually, the coinsurance section of a policy can be looked at as a double-edged sword. Benefit of [...]

Congratulations you’re newly engaged and sporting a beautiful engagement ring. Now the next step is to insure your valuable jewelry. When it comes to insuring your engagement ring there is one thing you must have before you approach any insurance company. You need to have an appraisal. Make sure the appraisal is from an independent [...]

The insurance license certification process varies depending on the state in which you are seeking a license. Since the process is not governed on a federal level, each state sets forth its requirements and process for license certification. You’ll quickly find that your state’s Department of Insurance website is a valuable resource. Fortunately, the National [...]

Alaska Insurance Producer

Every licensed insurance producer in Alaska must take 24 hours of continuing education classes in order to renew the license. Of the 24 hours of CE credits, the state will not accept more than eight hours on the subjects of management, business organization and environment (which include sales, motivation and psychology). In other words, the [...]

Business Professionals

Each state has its own set of pre-licensing requirements for anyone looking to become a licensed insurance professional. Some states require formal pre-licensing education. No matter whether the state you live in requires pre-licensing education, all candidates in every state must pass the state insurance licensing exam before selling or purchasing insurance on behalf of [...]

Alaska Insurance Producer

In the state of Alaska, the Alaska Division of Insurance is a governing authority that determines the rules and regulations for licensing insurance agents. As such, they offer following types of insurance licenses: All Lines Property/Casualty Life Surety Independent Adjuster Surplus lines Viatical Settlement Broker Viatical Settlement Representative Completing the Insurance Application To begin the [...]

New York

Anyone who becomes a licensed insurance agent or broker in the state of New York must take the required number of continuing education credits in order to renew the insurance license. In the old days the only way to satisfy New York’s insurance continuing education requirement was to physically sit in a classroom, listen to [...]