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Business Interruption

Any business owner that is serious about protecting profits in the event of a covered loss should consider purchasing business interruption insurance. What is Business Interruption Coverage (BI)? Business interruption covers a business for loss of income as a result of a covered loss. It is also known as business income, loss of profits, time [...]

Extended coverage is an endorsement that when added to a standard property policy it provides additional coverage. You cannot purchase extended coverage as a standalone insurance policy. The best way to understand extended coverage is to start with the standard fire policy to see why extended coverage is needed. Standard Fire Policy The standard fire [...]

In addition to having adequate amounts of insurance, you must check that your policy contains the right valuation clause for the items insured. Finding out at the time of a loss that your policy contains the incorrect valuation can prove to be a very costly setback for any policyholder. To prevent such an event, make [...]

Homeowner Insurance

All property insurance policies are not the same. Make sure you compare apples to apples to ensure you select the policy that will best protect your business. You’ve gone through the process of soliciting property insurance quotes. You’ve provided the necessary underwriting information; your broker has diligently marketed your information and has returned with several [...]