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Workers Compensation

Purchasing a liability insurance policy does not nullify the need for workers’ compensation. General liability policies provide coverage for claims and lawsuits filed by members of the general public, while workers’ compensation protects the business from claims/lawsuits filed by employees. General Liability Policy General liability policies protect businesses against third-party claims. Liability policies respond to [...]

Workers Compensation is a mandatory coverage and there’s no way a legitimate business can get around purchasing a policy. Since the coverage is mandatory, business owners should monitor their exposures to ensure they are not paying more for their Workers Compensation policy than is necessary. One way to save on Workers Comp premiums is to [...]

Now that the you’ve decided you need workers compensation, it’s time to find out what it covers, how its rated and how to get it. Since workers compensation is s a mandatory coverage, business with employees must purchase a workers compensation policy. If you are starting a new business and are in the process of [...]

WC Fraud

Fraudulent workers compensation claims cost. It costs the insurance company and that cost is passed onto the employer. Unfortunately, there are those individuals who try to beat the system by filing fraudulent workers compensation claims. Being aware of some of the tell-tale signs of workers compensation claim fraud can help to weed out some of [...]

Having the correct underwriting information makes the process of purchasing workers compensation insurance easier. After you’ve done your due diligence in finding the right broker/agent for your business (if you didn’t, please read Questions to Ask before Buying a Workers Comp Policy) and are satisfied with their answers, its time for the next step. Now [...]

Workers Compensation FAQ

Here you will find answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about Workers Compensation. What is a Posting Notice? A posting notice is a form, which contains the insurance company’s name, p0olicy number, policy term and employer name. It is required to be placed in a prominent location on the employer’s premises. [...]

The topic of workers compensation can be a bit overwhelming if you are a new business. Before you buy a policy, there are a few questions you should ask. Workers compensation is a mandatory coverage and should be carefully shopped around to ensure you have found the right company and broker for your business. Although [...]