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Credit Cards

When the news reported that Target and Neiman Marcus were hacked earlier this year, I knew I had to come up with an alternative for spending money. Every time we present our credit card we increase the risk of our information being compromised. It’s not a nice way to live. What’s the Alternative? No matter [...]


If at any time in your life you called taxes your home state, you should do yourself a favor and visit the Texas unclaimed property website. The actual name of the website is Window on State Government. The reason you should take a look at this website is because you might discover that you have [...]

Connecticut Unclaimed Funds

If you lived in the state of Connecticut for any period of time, there is a chance you have funds sitting with the Connecticut State Treasurer waiting for you to claim them. Where do Unclaimed Funds Come From? That’s a good question. Funds could come from forgotten bank accounts, escrow interest on sold property, long [...]


Recovering from bankruptcy is not easy. However, with patience, planning and careful spending, anyone can recover and prove that there is life after bankruptcy. Contrary to what most people believe, filing bankruptcy is not the end of the world. Yes, it can be a bit of a financial setback, but there is life after bankruptcy. [...]

Track Expenditures

The one tool that has the largest impact in transforming your financial situation from one of debt to one of financial stability is creating a budget. If you’re not quite sold on the importance of having a budget, you should read the article Getting out of Debt: Why Budgets are Important. If you already understand [...]


With so many people deep in credit card or loan debt and struggling to get out, a budget goes beyond being a helpful tool; it is a mandatory tool. If you read any of the “Get out of Debt” books or “How to Handle Household Finances” articles, one of the first things the debt counselors [...]

Credit Repair

Whether it’s a New Year, new decade or just a new day, it’s never too late for consumers to work on improving their credit reports which will raise their scores. Since credit is such an important part of everyday life, why not strive to make life as easy as possible. No matter where a person’s [...]


Did you ever live in Florida? Did you rent an apartment, buy a house, open a bank account or possibly been named as a beneficiary to an insurance policy in Florida. If you answer yes to any of the above (and there are a host of other questions I could have asked), you might have [...]


Whether you are a current or past resident of the state of Illinois, you should take a few minutes to investigate whether or not there is an unclaimed check or two with your name on them. Ask Yourself These Questions Did I open a bank account? Did I buy or sell a house? Am I [...]

New York

If you currently live in New York or have lived in New York in the past, you might have unclaimed funds sitting in an account waiting for you to claim them. As New Yorkers engage in business transactions, whether it’s the purchase or sale of a house or becoming a beneficiary on an insurance policy, [...]