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Tax Forms

Form W-4

IRS form W-4 is also known as the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. This is the form that you fill out and submit to your employer so your employer will know how much tax to withhold from your paycheck. Form W-4 consists of a worksheet and the actual form to be submitted to your employer. The [...]

Power of Attorney

If you wish to dispute an IRS ruling or a tax liability, but prefer to appoint someone who is better able to champion your cause, you need to complete and file Form 2848, Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative. With this form you can name an individual or corporation to represent you in your [...]

Form 941

Federal tax form 941 is called the Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return. Employers must use this form to report wages paid, tips employees received, federal income taxi withheld, employer and employee share of Social Security and Medicare taxes, adjustments to Social Security and medical care taxes that were made this quarter and credit for COBRA [...]

Form 1040X

If you file your federal tax returns and later realize you made a mistake on your returns, there is the possibility you might have to file an amended tax return using IRS Form 1040X. Not all tax return mistakes require the amended tax return form 1040 X. Mistakes like mathematical miscalculations or forgetting to attach [...]

Form 4506T

IRS Form 4506 T is entitled Request for Transcript of Tax Returns and is used to get copies of prior tax filings. This is the long form which is used for individuals and companies that file their tax forms based on non calendar fiscal years. In other words, if you’re a fiscal tax filing year [...]

Form 4506T-EZ

RS form 4506T-EZ is called the Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript. This is the form to use if you need a copy of your last year’s tax return transcript. Form 4506T-EZ can be used to request tax return transcripts for the four most recent tax years. You can only use this form [...]

Form 8822

Despite popular belief that no one can hide from the government, there are times when it becomes necessary to notify the government of a change in name, change in business location or a change in home address. IRS form 8822 is used to notify the government of such changes. If changes also affect tax-filing children [...]

Form 1098

IRS tax form 1098 is also known as the Mortgage Interest Statement. This statement must be furnished to anyone who paid more than $600 in mortgage interest to a lender. The lender can be a person, financial institution, coal up housing Corporation or a governmental unit. IRS Form 1098 Must be Original If you are [...]

IRS Form W-2

It’s time to prepare and file taxes, but something is missing. How can a taxpayer file taxes without having the appropriate W-2s? Diligent taxpayers begin compiling their tax information at the beginning of the year in an attempt to prepare and file their taxes in a timely fashion. Most tax-related forms are mailed and received [...]

Tax Extension

April 15th tax deadline is rapidly approaching, you’re out of the country and need additional time in order to file. What should you do? American citizens living overseas who fear they will not be able to file their taxes on time should complete and submit IRS Form 2350. Form 2350, which is entitled “Application for [...]