We all know that purchasing life insurance at an older age is more expensive than purchasing it while very young. In an attempt to provide affordable insurance to meet the life insurance needs of older insureds, some companies are now offering Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance. Guaranteed Life Policy Rates Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance policy rates [...]

Purchasing Florida homeowners insurance is more than just a requirement from your mortgage lender. It’s a contract that may protect one of your largest financial investments. When purchasing your insurance policy you must take into consideration your area of the country and perils that may affect your home. Hurricane-prone areas like Florida make it especially [...]

Most people have the same social security number for their entire life. What do people do when they are not so fortunate and have to secure a new social security number? As unfair as it may be, there are times when it becomes necessary for individuals to secure a new social security number. Situations such [...]

Comparison shopping for term life insurance coverage is just a click away. However, before you go around clicking on websites, there’s some basic information you should be prepared to provide to get preliminary quotes. Aside from the obvious underwriting information such as your name, age and gender, you will have to provide more detailed information [...]

One of the necessary expenses involved in owning your home is insuring it. All homeowners should have it. If they don’t they’re playing a very dangerous game. Why run the risk of not insuring one of the largest investments you’ll ever make in your life. One catastrophic loss and it’s gone. In the process of [...]

Texas residents looking for homeowners insurance should wander over to the Texas Department of Insurance website and take advantage of the services offered there. The Texas Department of Insurance has put together a comprehensive user-friendly primer on Texas homeowners insurance. In addition to informing residents about the types of available homeowner’s insurance policies, there is [...]

Sooner or later, no matter how much you want to avoid it or how much you dread it, your teenager will learn to drive. Worse than that, they may even get a car. To top it all off, they will have to get insurance for that car. We all know that getting an auto insurance [...]

Will it ever go away? Each month you send the monthly payment and the balance seems to remain the same. Here’s how to pay the same amount and see better results. Those pesky credit card balances never seemed to go down. No matter how many payments are made, it seems like the balance always remains [...]

Have you been thinking about buying life insurance and are overwhelmed with all of the possibilities? Here’s a good starting point to learn the basics about life insurance. What is a life insurance policy? A life insurance policy is a legal contract between you (the insured/policy holder) and the insurance company (also known as the [...]

Quality long-term care is very important for many of these older Floridians. The Florida Agency of Health Care Administration (AHCA) regulates health care facilities throughout the state and also administers Florida’s Medicaid program. Below are a few of the long-term care facilities regulated through AHCA: Assisted Living Facilities: Provides long-term care housing, meals and some [...]