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Before you buy homeowners insurance in the state of North Carolina, do your homework. It will save you money to be informed. The North Carolina Department of Insurance website: http://www.ncdoi.com/ provides great information regarding purchasing and the pricing homeowners insurance. They offer the ability for you to quote your own homeowners insurance policy. This quote [...]

Classic Car

The term antique is most often used interchangeably with the term classic when talking about older vehicles. In many instances using one term or the other may mean the same thing, but there are differences between the two depend on the company you keep. Antique Car Definition: An antique car as defined by the Antique [...]

Used Car

Don’t let the word cheap confuse you when purchasing a car. Normally the term cheap car infers a vehicle of inferior quality. That is really not the case. A cheap car is a car that is purchased at a great price. Here are a few examples of “cheap cars”: Dealer excess inventory: Purchasing a model [...]

When looking for long-term care facility for a loved one in Missouri, there are a few questions you should ask yourself and a few things to be aware of: What type of long-term care facility do I need?: There are several types of facilities Missouri residents can avail themselves of. Be sure to select one [...]

Mobile Home

Mobile home insurance is not difficult to find, but you have to make sure you read the fine print to know what you’re buying. Shopping for mobile home insurance is slightly different than shopping for insurance on a stationary home. Although the coverages are similar, there are a few differences. It pays to be aware [...]

Sooner or later, no matter how much you want to avoid it or how much you dread it, your teenager will learn to drive. Worse than that, they may even get a car. To top it all off, they will have to get insurance for that car. We all know that getting an auto insurance [...]


Hospital workers are understaffed and over worked. Can you tell if your loved ones are getting proper care, or are they falling through the cracks and being neglected? Having a friend or loved one in the hospital places them in a vulnerable position. Let’s face it, if the patient were healthy she wouldn’t be in [...]

New York

A few tips on what to look for when buying homeowners insurance along with markets to go to for those hard to insure properties. Whether you live in upstate New York or downstate in New York City, here are a few basic tips for New York homeowners when buying insurance for your home: Keep up [...]


Getting a great auto insurance rate in Arizona is not hard to do if you do a little planning, a little research and know what the insurance companies are looking for. There are ways to get competitive rates on Arizona automobile insurance. It takes a little ingenuity, knowledge and planning. Before soliciting automobile insurance, however, [...]

Child Life Insurance

When buying life insurance, we concern ourselves with whether to buy whole or term life, or if the amount purchased is adequate, or will current health problems force us to pay higher premiums. However, we don’t often think of life insurance for our children. After all, children are young and healthy and we pray that [...]